Apple accused of breaching EU data privacy rules

Apple has been accused of breaching the European Union data privacy laws concerned with storing users’ personal data. The firm filing the complaint, France Digitale, says the phone company’s new IOS software does not comply with EU rules. 

The French startup lobby firm is made up of french digital entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. The complaint against Apple filled seven pages. Part of the document alleges that Apple did not notify its users that it was storing their information for the company’s personal use. 

France Digitale accuses Apple of carrying out targeted ads without users permission

As part of the complaints filed by France Digitale, the French lobbyist claims that Apple carries out targeted ad campaigns without its users’ knowledge or consent. They added that although Apple asks iPhone users if they want their information to be shared by installed apps, they [Apple] aren’t completely transparent with what they do with the information. 

Under EU privacy laws, all companies must inform users if their information is being collected and if they are okay with their information used by the company. Under EU law, companies are allowed to ask their users for permission to collect and track their information. 

France Digital also accused Apple of sharing their customers’ information with other companies without their consent. According to France Digital CEO, the French company is determined to win its case against Apple even as it’s a small firm.   

Apple denies all the accusations 

Apple has denied all the accusations leveled against it, saying that the accusations are “patently false and will be seen for what they are, a poor attempt by those who track users to distract from their own actions and mislead regulators and policymakers.” 

The company’s statement is seen as a shade to Facebook, but France Digital is not the only company that has accused Apple of not respecting privacy laws. Other companies and lobbyist groups like Austrian advocacy group Noyb, German and Spanish data watchdogs have accused Apple of illegally storing users’ data.

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